The Durban Pain Clinic is situated in the heart of Umhlanga , Ingenuity House , opposite Umhlanga Hospital .

The Resident Doctor , Dr Gareeb , is a specialist Anaesthesiologist with more than 20 years experience.

Pain is a sensation felt by many in a lifetime, be it physical or other.

Following injuries or an operation , it is commonplace and almost expected to be sore . Although , common & expected , even in these circumstances , the level & intensity of pain can be modified with modern technology & medicines .

In the acute phase of any pain process , it’s necessary for adequate management of pain . If not managed properly this acute pain can sometimes develop into long lasting and debilitating pain .

Often , pain lasts long after the insult to the body has healed .

This is Chronic Pain .

The entity of Chronic Pain is one of the most unforgiving , debilitating and misunderstood entities in medicine . This often leads to it  being inadequately managed .

As many Chronic Pain sufferers will attest , this affliction leads to a complete change in lifestyle , behavior and certainly mood.

Chronic Pain is crippling … physically, emotionally ,mentally & socially.

At the Durban Pain Clinic , the complexity of Pain is unpacked and dealt with in a stepwise pattern . The approach is holistic , hands on with compassion and understanding.

Non invasive and invasive modalities are employed to ensure long lasting effective functionality that ultimately leads to a fulfilled and active life, that is pain free.

Treating pain requires much patience , expertise , compassion and understanding .

Book an appointment to see Dr Gareeb today and look forward to management of your pain .