Are you exhausted from pain?

Tired of Trying the Conventional Healing Methods?

It Is Time to Try Laser-Physio At The DURBAN PAIN CLINIC.

We Are Excited to Announce - LASERMED by Physio. V. Moodley



The treatment that uses light energy emitted from diodes to alter cellular function




Laser PHYSIO has been helping the:

  • elderly

  • chronic arthritis

  • joint disorders

  • The short treatment of acute pain in sportsman with muscle sprain and ligament strains.

  • Post-op healing of tissue and swelling reducing recovery time and reduction in scars.

The conditions range from:

  • neuralgia

  • tendinitis

  • neck

  • back pain

  • post surgery

  • post surgical scarring

  • wound healing

  • rheumatoid arthritis

Our experienced physio with just over twenty years of experience with diagnostic skills  is capable to diagnosis and perform laser in the appropriate muscle and source of the pain.



The laser session itself is not painful and is delivered by deep penetrating treatment heads to reach deeper tissues. The laser physio guiding the laser into the appropriate joint combined with soft tissue release and massage.

Our Laser physio treatment has a persistent effect on the healing process that we do consistently maintain with a great majority of patients,  so hence, they do not relapse.

Our Laser physio is most effective when combined with other interventions such as

  • exercise

  • lifestyle management

  • ultrasound

  • soft tissue manipulation.


All this is in house and offered as a package.



Our goal is to provide laser in the appropriate area of the body and to help you reach the maximum possible recovery and never have to deal with problem again.



Or if you wish to just Maintain and Sustain your problem then enjoy laser with a medical massage to better manage chronic conditions as a holistic but innovative modern approach.



Successful outcomes like all medical management requires good clinical skills linked with understanding of the injury, source of the pain, combined with laser.



Our clinic offers unique approach to laser performed by a registered physio.

Yes treatments are covered by most medical aids at medical aid rates or pay

cash and claim back from medical aid with a statement.

  1. A series of 5 to 8 sessions are advised for more chronic cases with a maintenance session in future.

  2. Often patients notice a minor difference after 3 to 4 sessions.

  3. Acute injuries will be assessed and then advised on treatment per session.


NOTE: We Also Offer Packages with six sessions and the seventh one free with a reassessment.

  • Inquire further about a discounted package upfront fee.


  • For quick and effective results contact our new LaserMed addition to the Durban Pain Clinic.


  • The laser physio and the Durban Pain clinic offers the ultimate medical spa approach to your solution to pain.



Call or Book to Make an Appointment with Our Laser MED Physio.


Your First Session will include an Assessment with your Laser and Soft-Joint Massage. Then you will be prescribed the correct package and sequence of treatments for your best results.

High Level Laser Therapy

FDA Approved Alternative to Surgery...A newer technology to the Low Level Laser, more power, shorter treatment times and faster results!! High Powered Laser Therapy is used to activate key enzymes at the cellular level, promoting anti-inflammatory responses and healing. Contact us for a Booking!

Compex TENS

TENS & Muscle Compex Machine for Pain Relief and Muscle Recovery!The Compex Sport 4.0 improves your strength and restores muscle volume,helps you relax and recover faster. a (TENS), transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation unit, which brings a gentle electric current when applied to the skins surface, relieves pain.” “In this technique, large surface electrodes are taped to the skin to stimulate the underlying nerves that supply the painful area.

TheraPhi Cold Plasma Therapy

Innovative Cold Plasma Technology Combined with Implosion Physics. Restoring Homeostasis and Reducing Inflammation in your Body....Results have Demonstrated Marked Changes in Pain, Depression, Mood and Sleeping Patterns.

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Medical Staff


I get the occasional migraine and it usually means living through the haze of medication and pain for up to a week. Went for a session this morning and my migraine is gone, so is my shoulder pain and I can move my neck freely. I am quite literally stunned at how effective the treatment was!
Dawn Beeslaar
High Level Laser