At the Durban Pain Clinic , the complexity of Pain is unpacked and dealt with in a step-wise pattern. The approach is:


  • Holistic
  • Hands on
  • Compassionate
  • Understanding
Safe in the hands of our expert medical care, our in depth Medical Consultation is highly recommended  for all Pain and Stress Related Issues.
  1. Medical History
  2. 24 hr Access to the Doctor
  3. Medical Script
  4. Step-Wise Approach to Recovery
A part of our Treatment listing is our Amazing TheraPhi Machine!
This uses Cold Plasma Energy to Heal via a Broad Spectrum Frequency Range. Thus promoting Healing, Rejuvenation and Healing. State of the Art Technology!
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Treatments Include:
  1. Zen Package
  2. Sports Package
  3. Depression Package
  4. Sleep Package
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Q. What is Plasma?
A. A type of “High Energy Matter”. Also found in the sun and lightning.
Q. Why use Plasma?
A. It’s the perfect medium for the Phi Frequency Patterns as well as holding many health benefits of it’s own.
Q. Will I always feel 100% healed after my first treatment?
A. It’s totally up to how you individually respond. We recommend up to 12 sessions done in bulk. Followed by possible “maintenance” treatments as needed.
Q. Is it pet friendly?
A. It is “everything” friendly! (Just not for disease and pain )
Q. What may conflict with the theraphi?
A. Nothing “per se,” heavily medicated individuals will tend to have more detox affects. Past Trauma and Stress will be managed in the form of a “detox” at the first few treatments.
The TheraPhi will relax you first, then heal from the root level.
Q. Will any needles stick into me?
A. No, this treatment is completely non invasive
Q. How many sessions do I need?
A. We recommend up to 10/12 depending on the severity of the issue.
Q. How long is a treatment?
A. 30 min on average.
The Resident Doctor , Dr Gareeb , is a specialist Anaesthesiologist with more than 20 years experience.