Chattanooga Laser Therapy is the safe and effective way to eliminate pain and accelerate healing. This technology utilities super luminous and laser diodes to irradiate diseased or traumatized tissue with photons. These particles of energy are selectively absorbed by the cell membrane and intracellular molecules, resulting in the initiation of a cascade of complex physiological reactions, leading to the restoration of normal cell structure and function. High Powered Laser treats a broad range of medical problems relating to the musculoskeletal system, arthritis, sports injuries, dermatological conditions, non-healing wounds and diabetic ulcers. It is an excellent treatment for those patients who are not responding to conventional medicine or manipulative therapies. In comparison to traditional treatments, patients recover from musculoskeletal and peripheral nerve injuries with less scar tissue, accelerated cell regeneration and improved function.

High Intensity Laser (HIL) technology is based on the well-known principle of low level laser therapy (LLLT). Unlike the low level laser therapy the high power and choice of the right wavelength of the HIL allow for deep tissue penetration and through a natural process of energy transfer (biostimulation and photomechanical effect) it significantly speeds up healing and tissue regeneration. HIL offers a powerful and non-addictive form of acute pain management  and is effective especially in treatment of sports injuries, e.g. muscle injury or joint distortion, and lower back pain caused by e.g. herniated disc or disorders in the cervical region causing neck pain.

The groundbreaking Theraphi is an electronic plasma device, primarily used for deep relaxation, alleviating pain, reducing inflammation and boosting energy levels. 


Based on similar principles behind HeartMath Institute,

it resonates your heart rate, breathing and brainwave frequencies to deep calm states resulting in a profound sense of peace and even bliss in some cases.

It really is the best of health and longevity science combined together in one technology.

  1. PHI FREQUENCIES: The resonant frequencies of: the heartbeat, breathing, brainwaves (delta), cranio-sacral fluid, the Earth’s Schumann frequency, cells, and DNA, all have golden ratio (phi) modulation when in deep peace (or parasympathetic nervous system dominance). The Theraphi includes these broad spectrum golden ratio frequencies that resonate your body to deep peace/focus and helps reconnect you to the Earth’s circadian rhythms. The Heart Math Institute has worked with heart-related frequency to help you lower your stress, revitalize energy and resilience and restore your mental, emotional and physical balance. The Theraphi improves upon Heart-Math by working with broad-spectrum frequencies, including those of other body rhythms like breathing and brainwave frequencies. What’s also beneficial about golden ratio frequencies is that they stack or nest optimally with minimal destructive interference, so you feel like your heart, brain, breathing and cranio-sacral fluid are attuned to each other. You feel more connected, aligned or centered after a session.  

  2. PLASMA TUBES: In addition there is an optical frequency that the plasma tubes emit (biophotons) that resonate your cells to an optimum health state. Plasma technologies are increasingly being used for improved health and wellbeing. Plasma-activated water has also been proven beneficial for improved plant growth.

  3. PULSED EMF: The phi frequencies are pulsed through the plasma tubes for the beneficial effects of pulsed EMFs. Pulsed EMFs have been proven to both alleviate pain and energise the body.

  4. TESLA COIL: The bio-active plasma field is supercharged with a Tesla coil contributing to a whole body recharge. Theraphi can be considered as a biological battery charger. It works on the cellular level, increasing charge and accelerating your metabolism while bringing the body back into balance. The science of life is that it is electrical in nature i.e. cells have an electrical charge to them. This is for human cells, but just as much for animal or plant cells. If a cell is living then it has an electrical charge to it. One way to visualise this charge in a cell is to picture the cell as a battery. A charged cell (for example 60 mv) is able to do work. It can provide a service to the body that it is a part of. If a cell has a low electrical charge (for example 20 mv), similar to a dead battery, it is not very useful to the system.  When you use Theraphi, it helps charge and balance your cells, allowing them to be a more productive members of team you.​